Luxurious Bio Cellulose Masks

Bio cellulose masks utilize state of the art fabric to deliver rich concentration of quality skin care ingredients to the dermis. Its superfine physical properties permit the mask to adhere tightly onto the skin surface, allowing the ingredients to penetrate into the skin more deeply and efficiently than regular sheet masks for best results.  The bio cellulose material is made up of natural fiber with a diameter of only 20 nanometers, 1000 times thinner than human hair, and is able to retain 100 times its dry weight in water to remain incredibly moist throughout the entire mask application process. 

Properties of bio cellulose that sets it apart as a premium skincare material:
  • Superfine Fiber: diameter of the fiber is only 20 nanometers (1000 times thinner than human hair)
  • Extremely Hydrophilic: its molecular structure yields an amazing fluid-holding capacity of up to 100 times its dry weight
  • High Degree of Crystallinity: the microfibers are tightly intertwined which results in strong and resilient physical property

Bio Cellulose Masks by Timeless Truth Mask

These characteristics allow the fabric to provide skin-tight dermal adhesion, allowing it to transfer cosmetic ingredients very effectively. The texture of a bio cellulose mask feels cool, and moist while its underlying structure is incredibly strong and resistant to tear.  

Bio cellulose mask is also suitable for sensitive or post-procedure skin; it creates a protective barrier that helps facilitate the recovery process. The unique fiber property provides immediate relief to compromised skin. The bio cellulose material was originally developed for medical applications, where its capability to maintain moisture and bind to skin is well suited to heal wounds and treat burns.

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