Find Your Skincare Routine

Develop A Good Skincare Routine

As we get older, this is the biggest struggle we have to go through; finding a skincare routine that works for us. From purchasing countless of products that do not work for our skin, we tend to give up and subject to using supplements that may not be good for our overall health. But fear no more, this guide will hopefully help you get started in achieving that flawless look.
First, you need to find your skin type:
  • Oily
  • Dry
  • Or a Combination

Look at your skin right after you wake up in the morning, feel its texture. If it is flaky and textured, you have dry skin, if it is glistening and greasy, you have oily skin. Feel your skin again at night, how it behaves at the end of the day, if your skin is dry, it’ll be patchy or if your skin is oily, you’ll notice that your makeup has melted off a little and there will be glow on your face (which I am not going to lie that it sometimes looks good). If your morning skin is dry and at night its oily (or vice versa), you probably have a combination skin.

Develop a good skincare routine

After you have figured out your skin type, let’s look at what a typical skincare routine should look like for each:

For Oily skin:

For dry skin:

  • Morning: Use an oil based cleanser
  • Day: leave it alone
  • Night: Use an oil based face mask, exfoliate, moisturize

For combination:

  • Use any of the above techniques depending on how your skin behaves throughout the day

Develop a good skincare routine

Try to use as minimal products as possible. Using way too many products can irritate your skin and may even make your skin dependant on those products, so if you forget to use it one day, your skin will start acting up. Apart from all the tips above, it is also important to make sure that:


  • ALL your products are FRAGRANCE-FREE. Fragrance is the worst thing you could to your skin regardless of your skin type
  • To always wear sun-screen in the summer
  • Your makeup is catered towards your skin. No matter how amazing a foundation is, if it is not meant for your skin type, it won’t look good on you.
  • To always use quality products and makeup and the brands you are familiar with. Never take a risk with your skin
  • To always remove your makeup before going to sleep. Let your skin breathe!!
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